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US-4373674-A: Crushing method and apparatus patent, US-4466074-A: Power outage timer patent, US-4466833-A: Lightweight cement slurry and method of use patent, US-4695223-A: Turbomolecular vacuum pump with a rotor and at least one antifriction bearing patent, US-4985079-A: Open-graded asphalt emulsion mixes patent, US-5012566-A: Drilling and expanding tool for removing carburetor seal plugs patent, US-5018405-A: Angle adjustment device for handle of stroller patent, US-5223547-A: Polyurethane, process for producing the same, and process for producing polyurethane foam patent, US-5748784-A: Moving image signal coding apparatus and coded signal decoding apparatus patent, US-5885955-A: Amides, method for preparing the amides, and detergent compositions containing the amides patent, US-6149351-A: Remediation of heavy metal contaminated soil patent, US-4303759-A: Polyalkylenecarbonate compositions with improved thermal stability and method for making same patent, US-4461195-A: Multi-machine cutter holder patent, US-4534042-A: Method of and apparatus for the continuous monitoring and analysis of the operation of spinning units in an open-end spinning machine patent, US-4861509-A: Enzymatic detergent and bleaching composition patent, US-5037037-A: Catch tray for receiving spooled output media from an electrographic printer patent, US-5142468-A: Power conditioning system for use with two PWM inverters and at least one other load patent, US-5216069-A: Silicone self-adhesives comprising modified organopolysiloxanes and self-adhesive tapes patent, US-5552619-A: Capacitor coupled contactless imager with high resolution and wide dynamic range patent, US-5593598-A: Method and apparatus for closed loop recycling of contaminated cleaning solution patent, US-5847467-A: Device packaging using heat spreaders and assisted deposition of wire bonds patent, US-5954866-A: Ink for ink jet recording and image forming method using the same patent, US-6620034-B2: Way to remove Cu line damage after Cu CMP patent, US-6845367-B2: Process and device for internet payments by means of security modules patent, US-4918070-A: Cephalosporin derivatives and antibacterial agents patent, US-4961130-A: Voltage inverter control applying real-time angle pattern determination patent, US-5116078-A: Suspension control system cooperated with steering control system for vehicle patent, US-5209982-A: Method of manufacturing paper for bottle labels patent, US-5324772-A: Aqueous polymer dispersion patent, US-5346533-A: Method of monitoring filter components patent, US-5397993-A: Method for measuring the material moisture content of a material under test using microwaves patent, US-5663834-A: Eyepiece zoom lens system patent, US-5666238-A: Data sector control apparatus and method for disk storage system patent, US-5878786-A: Otangular fitting family for flat-oval duct systems and method for making same patent, US-5918453-A: Melamine fiber-containing fabrics with improved comfort patent, US-6070654-A: Heat pipe method for making the same and radiating structure patent, US-6242259-B1: Compositions and methods for packing of alphavirus vectors patent, US-6375705-B1: Oxide-dispersion strengthening of porous powder metalurgy parts patent, US-6448792-B1: Sensor for edge position of electro-conductive material patent, US-6746420-B1: Parenteral apparatus patent, US-4139311-A: Dispensing cartridge having an improved automatic filler stick positioning mechanism patent, US-4172971-A: Magnetic pressure indicator with thermal lockout patent, US-4315889-A: Method of reducing leaching of cobalt from metal working tools containing tungsten carbide particles bonded by cobalt patent, US-4469630-A: Purification of monoclonal antibodies patent, US-4624050-A: Head for handling electrical components patent, US-4760568-A: Optical information processing device patent, US-5081699-A: Program ahead file transfer in a reproduction machine patent, US-5451594-A: Heterocyclic compounds patent, US-5536330-A: Method of purging and pumping vacuum chamber to ultra-high vacuum patent, US-5541203-A: Triazole antifungal agents patent, US-5543739-A: Control, reduction and equalization of delays in a driver stage patent, US-5564199-A: Method and apparatus for drying wood plates using hot plates patent, US-6209659-B1: Hand-held drill with a compressed air-operated hammer mechanism patent, US-6353618-B1: Method and apparatus for controlling traffic flows in a packet-switched network patent, US-6904465-B2: Low latency inter-reference ordering in a multiple processor system employing a multiple-level inter-node switch patent, US-4067696-A: Blood oxygenator patent, US-4649416-A: Microwave transistor package patent, US-4886095-A: Process and apparatus for filling an insulating glass unit with filler gas patent, US-5316454-A: Fluid pump and rotary machine having said fluid pump patent, US-5535956-A: Pallet with temporarily separable arbor for individual transport of textile bobbins and textile tubes patent, US-5559719-A: Digitally controlled circuit interrupter with improved automatic selection of sampling interval for 50 Hz and 60 Hz power systems patent, US-5681501-A: Compositions including a hydrofluoropropane patent, US-5739750-A: Brake light for bicycle patent, US-5914253-A: Recombinant production of murine interferon--γ (IFN-γ) inducing factor (IGIF, IL-18) patent, US-6051770-A: Method and apparatus for composing original musical works patent, US-4242672-A: Patient monitoring system and switch patent, US-4904613-A: Method of manufacturing a DMOS device patent, US-5101378-A: Optimized electrically erasable cell for minimum read disturb and associated method of sensing patent, US-5357733-A: Aseptic packaging apparatus and method including a control system for accurately dispensing material patent, US-5365287-A: Three color channel, two-elevation optics for a single lens video projector patent, US-5408351-A: Optical communication system patent, US-5493613-A: Combination pin pad and terminal patent, US-5957353-A: Ski rack patent, US-6177503-B1: Rubber composition and pneumatic tire using the same rubber composition patent, US-6382889-B1: Portable multi-axis machine patent, US-6756627-B1: Container capacitor patent, US-6787082-B1: Compressing mallet with coating treatment patent, US-6817150-B1: Form system for poured concrete patent, US-4071961-A: Drying drum for fluid materials patent, US-4808887-A: Low-pressure discharge lamp, particularly fluorescent lamp high-frequency operating system with low inductance power network circuit patent, US-5203785-A: Laparoscopic hook scissors patent, US-3952363-A: Vacuum cleaner nozzle patent, US-5617661-A: Flexible sign board for blade signs patent, US-5816891-A: Performing chemical mechanical polishing of oxides and metals using sequential removal on multiple polish platens to increase equipment throughput patent, US-6218230-B1: Method for producing capacitor having hemispherical grain patent, US-6434017-B1: Semiconductor device and electronic apparatus patent, US-6473094-B1: Method and system for editing digital information using a comparison buffer patent, US-6600924-B1: Cell handover method and cellular radio system patent, US-6752844-B2: Ceric-ion slurry for use in chemical-mechanical polishing patent, US-4073167-A: Mechanism for converting predetermined alternate rotational movements to rectilinear movements patent, US-4882887-A: Mobile home anchor patent, US-4965358-A: N,N'-carbonyl-bis-(4-ethyl-2,3-dioxo)-piperazine patent, US-5430281-A: Storage media for an optical information system having an identification code embedded therein patent, US-5478371-A: Method for producing photoinduced bragg gratings by irradiating a hydrogenated glass body in a heated state patent, US-5674614-A: Varnish-coated electric wire and method of producing the same patent, US-6124896-A: Corner detection device and corner detection method patent, US-6315495-B1: Portable environmental containment system patent, US-6601144-B1: Dynamic cache management in a symmetric multiprocessor system via snoop operation sequence analysis patent, US-6720375-B2: Adhesive composition and adhesive optical component using the composition patent, US-6759821-B2: Disk drive apparatus and motor patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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